This sample pack contains over five hundred individual tool sounds. There are plasma cutters7 w m o /, chainsaws, lawnmowers, hand tools and many, many others. These sounds we* o / rre recorded in machine shops, garages, sculpture studios and\ 8 H outdoors. The recordin\ U 7 & W ! b J qgs will fit seamlessly into sound design sessions for visual media. Many of the sounds also contain a multitude of potential foT N c lr rhythmic and tonal applications. The warbling vibrato of a japanese handsaw or the echoiJ 8 Zng boom o[ I L % R Q Ef hitting rebar on a larget s z j B $ b 3 metallic sculpture, for example, are ripe for processing and music making. All sou4 8 y e / xnds were recorded with a stereo pair of Neuman KM184s into a Souh ? ^ m xnd D) a 6 levices recorder.