‘Angry Parrot: FX Sounds’ delivers the sounds of velocity that will take your mix sky high. This FX pack will provide you with heart-pounding build ups, wind-downs, and the apX A d x v u (ocalypti8 p y m _ O Y n oc moment of impact.

Every soun5 ^ } Jd is artistically unique and meticulously fine tooth combe= d # 4d to ensure you get the most crystal clear and professional quality audio samples.The rumble~ G g r 0 c &s are so deep they will tip off the richtor scale.

Thisr M J ( r _ 9 pack has over 200 sounds that explode, twitch, submerg^ 2 \ ze, rev up, descend, decay, excite and most importantly add that spark to ignite your track’s momentum. Apply an ascending pulsation to make your intro come in strong or dwindleO x 0 g & down the@ B g spiral staircase of sound tob 6 T 7 bring em down easy.

Include a higs F Y 5 2 1 ih tech machine startup, glitch, or ad some texture with mechanical hum. Angry Parrot captured the actual speed of sound traveling to it. r g ^s target. You’ll have your audience gripping theiW ] u :r seats with whiteM $ O-ks 8 = ] J Vnuckled anticipati] = = 5 y r ^ C xon as these FX whips by their ears and explode into the climax of sound.

You’ve got the tracks, they’ve got the FX. Pick up this pack and set the match to the fuse adding a combust able resonance of sound that will leave them breathless, 7 1 I s a S ;.

Product Details:

  • 20 AtmosY = Upheric Sounds~ N I { 4 4 { \
  • 50 Down Filter/Wind Down
  • 20 Impacts
  • 20 Loops
  • 50 M\ U 0 7 u =iscellaneous (Mechanical, Twitches, Pulses)
  • 50 Up-Filte0 4 Jr/Wind Up
  • 100% Royalty-Free