Build Immersive Towns and Environments With Ease
Empire Game includes a total of 618 SFX – Inspired by hit RTS & strategy computer games like Rome: Total War & Age of Empires. Empire Game is an expertly crafted and imagined war mach+ ; i u Fine of designed historical-turn-based game audio assets housing all the essentials needed to build im, h u E w ) E *mersive civilizationso 9 E 4 t E P 6, sett. \ 5 Zlements, and towns. With sounds aimed towards crafting, professions, skills, armies, and UI ranging from realistic to designed &af ( p U R 7 Amp; heavily processed, these game audio assets that will complete almost any project] I U 1 A 4 e S l where fantasy, RTS, & turn based game^ B y X r assets are required.

Ht _ V jighly Organized With Unlimited Versatility
The library is organized into popular sound effect categories that make itj n Q % easier toV . R capture outstandi8 O R u `ng fantasy gaming experiences in the following categories: Ambience Loops, Anima( B h gls, Chests & Doors, Collects, Foley, Group Footsteps, Menu UI, Professions, Settlement Alerts, Settlement Selects, SettlemenA ~ 3 Et UI,) E A ` i 8 G } &a; p 7 ump; Warfare. Experience unlimited veK 7 ! M brsatility &E 8 & n e ` ) yam& H $ , m V 2p; reusability with theP ; Y J y titanic clarity of 96k 24bit .wav file format and market-leading imaginative audio creatiw s \ z f ; –vity. With 600+ sounL ] n ` z ?d effects inside Empire Game, you’ll have no problem creating vast fae k ^ x ] K kntaso @ Wtical landscapes, radiant worlds, epic trailers, RTS, MMORPG audio ex1 y B zperiences & so much more.

Explore Through Hundreds of High Quality Sound Effects
Empire Game includes 600+ of some of the most sought-after, desigE u 0 3ned, You can view more on audio assets & soun~ P ~ Kd effects such as settleme* f Z 7 v w ` c Jnt management FX like select watch tow} J D f V Sers, stables, barracks, religious shrines, towns, cities, castles, farms, coliseum, theater, taverne B E 4 t Z X, sea port, kings palace, lumber yard, & more. Builm x 9d palisades, stone walls, place construction, construct new buildings, profK M } \ = c I S iessions like jewel crafting, blacksmithing, alchemy, enchanting, miningh 0 A | ( Y, production, skg , N U . H ) rinning, tailoring, cooX = ! [ ; X Cking, useful alerts & notifications like accept mission, defeat, victorg r i L 5y, death in family, m/ U ? @ w @ # F Rarriage, new born, end turn,P = M ! s disast^ | i Jers, disease, war, new civilization discovereO } * [d, resources, government attacked, militar| ^ ~ O \ E : i .y group marching foots& h W 5 y Qteps, single footsteps… Empire Game has everything you nl J Keed to create immersive, historical-turn-based games!

Total Size of Samples: 1D \ r # 1 y a.19 GB
Total Number of Files: 6G u _ 5 6 E18

听一听Dx 0 /emo:– + h C l h = i


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