Don’t miss your drop zone. Escape domination by your opponent. Be the first to rank up and experience military grade gameplay audio. Introducing our newest and most exciK : W / K }ting sound library yet, Battle Royale Game, a first person shooter game sound effects library which features over 900+ battle tested and game ready SFX.

Inspired by hit PC & console games like Apex, Fortnite, PUBG. Battle Royale Game is an expes ( j crR v 6 ^ ftly crafted and thoughtfully imagined military sound base of natural and minit 1 j s 6 N G S ymally processed source sounds plus a significant cache of hybrid & highly designed game audio assets. This storehouse of sound will outfit any project where6 b & * M X p G FPS styled sound effects are neQ F D k x M 1eded. Now On Sale!

Create Outstanding Audio Experiences Effortlessly
The Battle Royale library is organized into popular categories that makeD n q m h ^ | g it e? J y % L T Nasier to create outstanding war game expV j l V Ieriences. It includes the following folders: Ambiences Loops, Gear Bags, Armor, Collects, Explosions, Foley, Gun Foley, Gunshots, Item Grabs, Medical, Opens – likR h 0 se ammo boxes, doors, chests etc, and a nicely stocked UI folder. Useful in animations, vidY a +eok 5 8 = | Bs, games, arcades, apps, motion| A J #s graphics, film, tv & more. BaU @ 0 X 4ttle Royale Game so( W 1 , y K x 8 Rund library is great for rapid prototyping and absolutelyt R h ^ perfect for your game sf 3 w w v t #ound masterpiece. Get prob ` s ( F [fessional soundG B } A quality results instantly with Battle Royale FPS SFX Librart \ Sy.

A Vast Inventory of Sounds
Includes: sniper rifles, shotguns, grenade blasts,X $ S missile s% u F R K { X 8 ,trikes, pistol7 e 2 & N shots, bandages, treasure chests, door opens, body armor, gun handling, apocalyptic/war ambience loops, loot crates, ammo boosts, upgrades, positive notification chimes, kill reward coins, metal parts grab, craftingW y \ essentials, perks, new attach] * B \ Wment dings, medkits, set traps, mine explosions, smoke grenades, laser cannons, playee K (r foleyW z – ^ 8 7 Q, and movement, conN ( X Z : 9 z =sume health, inhale-exhale for steady aim, lock pickiJ P W Z R _ng, body hit, push body, grabs, pickups, collects, itemsg U a N ^ * f P N, slides, gear, lock and unlocks, power-ups,& Y ? { \ X page change, transitions, next pages, screen taps,K C E _ p p equipmen! } f 8t bass selects, ui hums, chirps, aim, drop, holsR L :ter, place, reload weapon, aT q f P ` n 6 Tnd more.

All of the sound effects files are designed to make your life easier, production workflow faster and delivered in 96ku – x 3 2 c bHz/2w * i4bit .WAV file format to maintain top-notch audio fidelity. Plus, a 44.1k 16Bit .WAV3 / [ G P K u | version of the entire collection is provided so you never nem X z ) Q n Q ied to convert files. Battle Royale’s premixed audio is ready to drag anm v j C 1 m l wd drop inH ` $ ) 4 \ |to your gx # & O ( U Dame. Simply choose the format that suits your project best and

Product details:

  • 929 sound effects
  • Everything you neeM ) E X q 6 u @ 3d for ui, loot, military, war, RTS, RPG games
  • A game developer & sound designer must have!
  • Perfecq \ x ` dt for AAA games & film
  • 53 minutes of audio FX
  • Inclup Y = S ! r Bdes multiple formats of the enN y u k n : ~tire library: 96k 24bit, 44.1k 16bit, and game ready MP3
  • Includes Soundminer metadata for easy search capability
  • 24 immersive ambience loops
  • 26 inventory bags
  • 43 body armor shields & buffs – common, rare – use, pick up, drop, recharge, slide
  • 79 game ready loot collects, items, coins – like health jug, loot container open, point boost, military pick up touch & more
  • 48 versatile explosions SFX – grenade, laser cannon, mine, missile strikeN L t P n J l, smoke grenade – close/distant for each set
  • 119 game foley actions and items like player movement, banana use, consume mushroom, sniper bre@ q Gath, metal tool pick up, maF S zp roll out, canteen fill,

stone, wood, cloth, metal & much more

  • 254 gun handling sets – aim, drop guns, gun handling fT X E g \ d M *oley, pick up, place, reload and hybrid
  • 91 game ready gunshots – rifle, assault rifle, submachiu E T ( G t ) . `ne gun, pistol, laser, sniper rifle, shotgun – clj Y = S ! [ose, distant, long tail, shol + E 5 mrt tail, dry, wet
  • 42 clutch grr L .abs like grab item cloth hit, ammo belt, leather, grab tool, document, w@ T C y 1 _ O X @ood mallet, metal tools, supply box, body push & grab etc.
  • 43 medical sounds – apply bandage, wrap wound, drop medic item, iP v ) e & @ P _ pnject syringe, use medical item, pill bottle, med crate
  • 93 epic open chests, doors, ammo bg } { – 7 q $ xoxes, lids, inventory perks, loot crates, dispense item mechanical, set trap & stock opens
  • 67 user-friendly user interface buttons, c| v u V I ( clicks, swit^ A G U = I 3 Dches, taps, page transitions, inventory navigation, positive chimes, nh J / begative afm s ` !firmation, hums, chirps & more
  • All royalty-free RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)

You’ve jus] Y Y /t landeB # ] \d3 O l x b . W in the drop zone. It’s y| A X = : d ! g lour ultimate chance to dominate the game. In the corner of your eye you spy a refreshing, powerful and ultra time saving cache of elite battle royale style sound effects. The Quar3 0 R & x b atermas+ 1 C 7ter’s gate is unguarded so now you can snag this audio stock\ 9 { N d u / Apile. Go for it. It’s your exclusis l \ y 8 ) )ve procurement, only from Epic Stock Media.



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