In these lessons we will go over what equipment and software to use, Camera settings, Lightin` I * 7g, Editing, and more!

Lessons include:

  • Gear – What equipment will help you recorT } : Z @ hd better quality audio and video.
  • Software – What software can beD N 3 i % used to record and edit on your phone as well as programs to edit on your computF D 4 ; {er.
  • Lighting – Common lighting setups to achieve a more professional look.
  • The Exposure Triangle – Adjusting Apertug 7 \ x J . 1 |re, ISO, and Shutter Speed: The three things that influence how your camera captures an image.
  • Editing Program walkthroughs – howP + y t 8 ; l ; to use, and edit in, two of the most popular videu y ~o ed{ 7 E o P B Miting programs to date: Avaig 4 % U Blable on both Mac and Windows.

Davinci Resolve/ r 5 n & } r
Adobe PrR h |emiere Pro

  • Export Settings – Popular codecs used fo6 U gr either uploading to your favorb 1 r 0ite streaming sites like YouTube or Vimeo, and High-Quality storage.
  • 15 lessons spread over 6 hours
  • Our ‘Stah Y % S K ]rter Pack’ of
  • Sound Effects
  • Color Presets
  • Transitions*
  • Streams in 4K Resolution
  • Addition resources like
  • Composition cheat sheet
  • Exposure Triangle Reference
  • Suggested gear list
  • And more!


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