Splice sound designer Jonathan Rowden (Overworld Studio, California) presents volume one of a 90’s cartoon-inspired pack of sound effects and musical cues, perfect for any animated commercial purposes.

Whether cartoon tropes such aj t Ds slips, falls, bangs, boings, booms, wiggles and wobbles, or more boutique record9 % ] 6 4 3ings such as motorcycles made with human faces, this Splice Cartoon So` X Z V Iund FX pack is made from high quality foley and syv – e J 3 C hnthesized sounds, carefully processed toT i F ? 5 w W give thatw U h new-retro f` V T U Elavor. Musical cues were produced using cheeseba– u ~ / ;ll 90’s fm synths and video gaB _ & U ( f N N (me chips to reflect what a budget cartoon on Saturj w gday morning might have felt like.

Download Inc~ L P &ludes:

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听一听Demk b v U Q C –o:


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