H20 is the first in Zenhiser series of Sound FX & Foley. This broad collection of extremely high quality 48 khz water sound wav files scopes the realms of water fx and delivers a large digital library of water sou$ L ynds second to none. Recorded on site these are original recordings of water sounds ranging from Ocean Sounds, River Sounds & Waterfall Sound through to Water Drop Sounds, Water Splash Sounds, Tap Sounds & a great array of RunningR v g e Wa6 o !ter Sounds.

These attractive water sound fx suitS r c d y W I a multitude of pro audio purposes and combine an extensive collection of water sounds for bq & p ; : ~ G b Uoth pre and post productions. H20 includes over 320 mb of pristine watea v [ * O R ] A Pr sounds available in wav for? 4 & F m g F fmat. This sound fx pack also includes a full descripti5 k U Ion list of each water sound and intuitive fiW q u . /le description[ i } | U J \s to keep these water sound fx extremely easy to catalogue.

HT U g W 2 s O U K20 includes a variety of water sounds & ocean sounds including:

  • Calm Sea So4 F ` } Q 6 $ Eunds
  • Ocean Sounds
  • Choppy Water Sounds
  • Waterfall Sounds~ n , X ~ { Y
  • Water Drippq % 4ing Sounds
  • WatW Q @ @ ` y a ^ =er Bubbles Sounds
  • Bathtub Sounds
  • Sink Sounds
  • Lapping Water Sounds
  • Fizzing Water Sounds
  • River Sounds
  • Stream Sounds
  • Water Burst Sounds
  • Wateru _ ; t w L : l }ways Sounds
  • Tap Sounds
  • WatF a j X Her Tunnel Sounds and much more

If you’re looking for water sound fx then ‘H20’ is a must. Simply l[ x . 1 { R { _ pisten to the water fx previe# K 7 ! R `w to hear what we are talking aG _ r i o R \ nb[ x ;out.

FANTAZ r i 5 5 U S @STiC



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