Recorded at the 70,000 capacity Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium’s premier motor-racing circuit in Stavelot, this collH & , c b _ m : mection of Formula 1 and Formula 3000 recordings has been professionally crafted and compiled by racing fanatics. This insane collection of audio hosts lefZ p B } . P :t to r, ? W } bight and right to left stereo doppler FX style recordings that bring to life that exhilarating rush of being ca w * J % X | $ircuit side at the Grand Prix. Use the loops in yoZ @ ? { Q p 7 SurC , ^ 4 music productions and sound4 A ` ? ; ? F f 1scapes to bring your compositions and picture to life with that4 , a R authen) Y ! Ftic sound only achieved by professionally recorded audio. Another Firs, H z e ? 0 K 3 ]t Born Music production for music creators and race fanatics alike!