155 Foley sounds recorded at a small English pub including glass movement, clinking, collecting and washing, variA A s 7 [ ] +ous sized keg sliP j F O Mdes andS [ ` impacts, d] u 8 F 5 xrink prepQ e 3 * 3 g Baratioc y Tn, fridge stocking, cooling units and furniture organisation. Perfect for putting toge@ x G S @ ether the elements needed for a convincing bar scene in y? b Zour film, game or podcast.

Recorded at tK } / F She Town Mouse Ale House, Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Licensor: Field Reports
  • License Type: Single user / multi-user, royalty-free for person@ S n W m – 8 )al & commercial use.
  • SpecsI d ) Y w n W b v: 155 files 155 sounds 24bit / 96kf ~ r ~ [ WHz 236 MB

FANTASTi9 w H m D V n T {C



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