Vintage Anime SFX: TRW is the highly anticipated expansion to Vintage Anime Sound SFXX a D b ). This collectioN X u = r u 4 | ]n of over 12/ 8 ^ I a e J ; M0+ 24/96 sounds was inspired by the iconM U s 0 Tic weather sounds of wind, thunder, and rain used in f\ @ I o y \ [ Nan-favorites like Vampire Hunter D, Cowboy Bebob and Mobile Suit Gun: Y Tdam. The sounds were synthesized using techniques that capture& u 2 2 the unique analog tape feel of the 80’s and 90’s class+ ] x N 1 Iic anime era., e T $ f ^ S These dynamic fx and accents make a great a) 5 j , 7 ] ] s Rddition to your sound ep : . 2 ^ F & q Rffects library and can be used for anything8 l r N 9 U = m from fantasy elements) Y f B x ^ and Mecha anime to sweeteners and building material for layering and creating brand newN * v E } R : J sounds of you own.

  • Classic anime weather sfx from the 80’s and 90’s
  • 120+ sounds including thunder, rain, wind, elect. ` ( M K a E Wricity, blasts
  • Low frequency and distortion accents
  • Expert crafted metadata
  • Vi\ Q 8 B r 1 [ntage Anime PDF




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