Vintage Anime Sounds brings all of the excitement of your favorite Japanese animated series to yoi W + \ x T I nur fingertips. Inspired by classic cartoons from the 80’s and$ L A 90’s, these recognizable and versatile sounds will instantlo = Zy enhance ai B v Iny FX colX h e N J n 0 tlection. Vintag# D @ # s J z Ce synths were used to create the auras, beams, mecha blasters, atmospheres, magic spells, guns, sonic blasts and explosi9 ! \ ) c F s xves that makeup this pack ofb 9 \ ove+ 5 qr 350+ custom 24bit/96khz .WAV files. Perfect fo! J H z ` y er film, video games, podcasts a5 ; o 1 ( z i }nd any project that could benefit from a power upi \ D!

  • Classic anime sfx from the 80’s and 90’s
  • Auras, mecha, beams, blasters, spells, explosives and more! 350+ sounds!
  • Tons of source material for experimentation. & \ w A
  • Expert crafted metadata
  • Vintage Anime PDF




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