Presenting THE ONE: Hardstyle, giving you the must have patches for your Hardstyle/Terrorcore/Gabber production!

THE ONE: Hardstyle comes with 50 intense Massive prel \ { ? 7 _ K 9sets + BONUS content from the demo.

All of the 8 Macro controls are assigned on every preset, Randomizing and Velocity control iZ x h P E } ! #s assigned to m5 d ) 2 n f ( d Tany different presets, and the sounds have beQ A $ @ 3 j ~ ien crafted to be as fat, full, punchy and wide as possible – as always.

With this soundbank you’ll; ! b \ ` give your tracks the cuN \ W j q 1tting ed/ P x Pge sounds that makes you stand# E C D O # B out from your competitors, as wel^ f nl as making your crowd go wild on the clubs.

These sounds whereQ I X . y j ] c ! crafted under direct inspiration from some of the biggest names out there in these genres.

Just check out th6 j T , X b Be demo any = i . K q t Ad imagine these sounds on the mainstage!

What is THE ONE

It’s the oW F R j 4ne you Desire. It’s the one you Need. It’s the one you reach your Next Level with.

It’s tf o o z 9 ^ `he one that Improves yourZ \ Q ! L w sound. It’s the one you Break Through with.

The creator and sounddesigner of “THE ONE-Series” Steve Hilo, is a signed provider for Loopmasters and Premier SoundbanW @ q G 8 . ` . .k!

In Harstyle y@ M 5 wou gA 1 \ T E m \ | get:

– 6 hard 909 Kicks
– 8 Basses
– 4 FX
– 6 Glitches
– 10 Leads
– 5 P4 \ w r z qads
– 4 Risers
– 7 Supersaws


– 7 MIDIs
– 22 WAVs af r et 44.1 kHz/24-bit, inclP A \ * 6 S yuding the 909 Kicks used in thL 1 8 { : O Je demo as oneshot samples
– PDF of what presets wX V o M )ere used in the demo, as well as info of which freeware thirdparty plugins that were used
– The demo as an MP3

听一听DeR f + 3 x a Xmo:


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