This is the essential hardstyle leads producer pack, the keM n ; u [ B Tys to a vault of sounds and knX \ kowledge that span theY W @ U entire career of hardstyleX * T h N legends Bass Modulators.

The contents of this pack can be used by new or experienced producers that want to get ser? 4 A ? nious abo$ o _ s k y fut cranking their hardstyleH X ? [ v f y ) 7 sound into high gear…

With their immaculate synth stacks and nostalgic emotion-tugging melodies, Bass Modulators have propelled themselves ir W p Q } 9 @ Y 6nto stardom, ranking among thew k ` k O K world’s best hardstyle artists.

Thz i @ d ? 9 ! Jis is the essent* : c & \ |ialq ; u Z career defining pack that includes every ingredient in the Bass Modulators soun4 q S /d.

ExclusiB j ~ R ?vely availabS y Rle on 789ten.

SPIRE PACK: This is the heart and soul of this pr. ` l Xoducer pack, and the heart and soul of the Bass Modulators sound.

“We gave away maybe 80% of all our synths we ever used” – Bass Modulators

Bass Modulators saved 75+ H@ J b . 0ARDSTYLE PRESETS ou3 f i = 7 ;t from the most impactful releases of their genre defining career. We were shocked to see what they’re willing to let out to hardstyle producers around the world; an ALL ENCOMPAS^ Q m i qSING library of sought after souc I 4nds, meticulously crafted on Spire.

We can’t by w J 1 2 A + *elieve everything they’re letting out in this pack. Cornerstone hardstyle artists, BC [ =ass Modulators, are giving you the keys.

Packed with leads, plucks, screeches, arps, acid sounds, arena sounds, hoovers, and much more? m v Z } ] \ w, The Bass Modulators debut Spire pack has everything you need to achieve the professional quality of hardstyle stacks that you’ve been wori O t I Bking towards.c 4 6 h # 5 c :

An unprecedented offering from an artist of this stature.

SYNTHESIS TUTORIAL: In a 1hr+ demonstration tutorial, the Bass Modulators guys guiP & ( kde us through their approach to synthA B xesis. They cyc{ T ] c } =le through the Sp^ E 0 0ire pack, showing in depth tips and tricks for layering leads, sound design, group processing, and how to achieve the crispness in their synths that they’re known for,R ` Y T H A S [ C and that you’ve heZ j Sard in the trailer video. Enjoy this tutorial with Hn + b pD video and audio.

“People that have problems with building lx i j ] o t neads and mixing leads will benefit from this one” – Bass Modulatorst d k . l v m H

EXTRA SYLENTH PRESETS: In addition to the mega Spire pack4 L t } q | R 7 i, Bass MoT t N z 2 mdulators wanted to make sure you have everything you need, so7 E y \ they packaged up s0 A x # 5 0 M a @ome extra Sylenth preu 3 Ksets for their favourite hardstyle sounds, to cover all thd H c ? ! . [ x Ze base: 5 E u a E ( ]s for you!

MULTI KEYED KICK: Thv P . | re quintessential Bass Modulators kick from releases such asO ! B z v Live And Let Die, Ruffneck Bass, and more. Bounced out in every key, ready to use in any track.

BONUS EDUCATIONAL MIDI PACK: Bass Modulators exported 100 MIDI CLIPS, from songs such as Our Dreams, I Want Your Love, their remix of Diamondf 7 y J . * 4 t as by Timmy TrumpeQ W , 9 E et, and more. There’S z % Z , [ g 7s so much to learn from how Bass Modulators structured the chords, basslines, and melodies for some of their biggest releases. These melodic elements are property of their respective owners and these midi clips are for educational purposes only, not to be used in commercial releases.

BONUS LIVE AND LET DIE STEMS:q { J : 5 Download the steX u k ems for the new Bass Mod5 L . M t Rulators release on Art Of Creation! A once in a lifetime peak behind the curtain. The melodic elements in these st# c ~ 3 . %ems are property of their res@ G hpective owners and ar2 c b r #e for educational purposes only] 6 z {, not to be used in commercial releases.

BONUS STUDIO ONE PROJECT FILE: Conta, c Q U 6ininga ll BM synth stacks an. T M G c t & ! Sd processing, this is the project file Bass Modulators used in theirc l 1 ? Synthesis tutorial. You can down. \ 6 \ \load Studio One free for 30 days just to check it out if you aren’t using Studio One yet, and follow along wit8 0 r }h the tutoria3 d z a il!

Due to variances in software and plug-| A w f o | Qin verV # C !sions among user computers, we are unable to guarantee completes c / V b p n B ` compatibility oG u 0 F Rf t/ ^ a ( U p 2 T /he project file.

Tutorial Run Time: 1hr 17m 25s