Industrial Strength Samples is proud to present Up tempo vs Frenchcore. We are super excited about this new ck I F } C tollection. We welcome our newest design team Sick + Core to our ever growing sound aj y a U hssault.

Sick + Core are top producers in the hard electronic music scene. They are top sound designers, Mixers and Mastering team. They have delivered an amazing new collection of the heavy.

This first pack offers a huge amount of Kick drums, Percussion Fx and of course essential synth sounds for both of these high charged music styles.

This ne# M v x N – ! $w sample pack dives deep into Frenchcore witt ) ` ) h f p Ch hand crafth – U S R ^ p 9 Led drums and tight percussion to get the Maximum punch when make your next track or remix. Each file was pumped and designed to a high standard toX 6 @ a 3 3 ^ give you total control of the sounds included.

Uptempo producers watch out, this pack cuts like a knife, with sharp drum sounds , fierce distortion all mixed with heavy bass an– 9 7 # r 6 @ Q ^d tight high end, The Uptempo sounds can cross into any style of fast co, J 4 Nre, but can work seamlessly with the French-core sounds includeB k J $ Td in this pack. A mash made in HardcF : oore heaven.

Up-Tempo vs French-core is 100% License Free and ready for any; % & k ? \ Daw. This pack is also Loop Cloud ready.s L i Head o6 ; z d sver to and check this brand new way to# P + h P G K n pX a U ] n j # K }review and launch samples into your Daw with ease.

If you# M # k q t W seek whats coming next in the hardcore scene what better wU L : / . I $ \ay then https://vsK \ _ z S !tsample.oss-X I R ( S


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