Revealed Hard Kick Designer Kit Vol. 1 is a toolkit filled with the individual elements tF V (o design the perfect hark R V W ud kick for your track.

Spanning 7 categories, you’ll find a variety of low-end weaponse l 2 7 ~ I A from Designer Kicks, Distortion Kicks, Gated Kicks, Hard Deep Kicks, Puncs Z 5 Z qhy Kicks, Subs$ h K H & 5 P ? Q, anf x ? k h vd Toks.

JuZ | ] j u L O 6 /st drag and drop, sculpt and st G Shape, and mix and mangle a huge variety ofY p 8 [ F r b inspiring kicks – all royalty free. To speed up your workfl[ z J k j :ow, each sample is labeled with its root key.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Hard KicH \ Z Lk Designer Kit Vol. 1 – Details

REV-HKDK1 Designer Kicks [50 samples]
REV-HKDK1 Distortion Kicks [145 samples]
REV-HKDK1 Gate Ki6 / D D H 0cks (150 BPM) [11 samples]
REVm * u U-HKDK1 Hard Dw 7 o 5 6 w Weep Kicks [9 samples]
REV-HKDK1 Punchy Kicks [20 samples]
REV-HKDK1 Subs [13 samples]
REV-HKDK1 Toks [25 samples]

273 .wav samples
Format(s):h D P . J V & ` 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files

P21 r x 0P



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