‘Shades Of Hardcore DJ Mutante’ by Industrial Strength features a set of samples made from the ground up as you would expect from this amazing producer a6 | V ~ 1 , / T hnd sound dJ j u ( H oesigner. Mutante has played at the biggest parties across Europe, Russia and Asia such as Masters Of Hardcore, Dominator: 5 H I k 8 :, and Hard Shock, to name just a few.

This hard head micro pack features loads of our Trademarked Loc g .op kits to inspire your next creato ) 2 ?ion. You get a lot of bang for your buck on this pack including so] O 5 2 * unics for Main stream, Frenchco@ y kre, Up-Tempo, Gabba, Hardcore,y A s ( . ] O TerroH _ t 6 C P h Gr and Cross breed.

Expand your next creation with Shades of Hardcore. Meshd ~ _ the kits the way you want. Fuse into multiple styles, combine w2 ? 8 ^ u Sith your own music or use these kits to start up your next Hardcore Adventure.

Product Details:

  • 20 Construction Kits
  • 86 One Shots
  • 20 Full Loopy 6 \ Z 4s
  • 150 Various Loops