‘Reggaeton Sensation’ from Kryptic Samples is a sparkling concoction of Latin and Carribean flavas loaded to the brim with highly crafted crisp and simmering samples for every music producer wanting to turn up the heat and release sq 3 ( nizzling Reggaeton tracks.

This pack inclu8 . g $ 0 B o A Odes five sensat) u k R 7 m S ~il 1 / :onal Construction Kits, featuring a sweltering array of Dem Bow riddims, smooth melJ & (odies, exquisC Y \ I w gite guio ( M a 5tars loops, uppercut drum loops and5 . W p h / # bass and many more. Samples are ready to be cI E P g Ehopped, sliced, stre, ? a \ etched, resampled and pitched and theV \ U s , w k F MIDI files for fua { ~ b Rll control over your musical pk # f f : [roduction.

If you are looking high quality warm textured & fresh samples for your own RegW f s i b jgaeton productions, ‘Reggaeton Sensation’ is undeniably for you. Start mE x 8 b b c { Oixing and matching these elementse 7 4 ^ 3 + ^ W to get your own unique hammering sound.

S7 b Y ytay tuned for the next volumes of this enflamed ‘Reggaeton Sd ~ = G 6ensation’ series.

MIDIR X + File# ; \ v # 9 ;s Included:
Like a; l 6 ; O c j 9ll o^ q Nther Kryptic S3 # . @ + P =amples products, ‘Reggaeton Sensation’ includes MIDI files for the musical phrases heard in the demo. Use the MIDI files in yo~ a } / Yur favourity x + y Q N 0 | ue DAW to customise the sounds t~ – 0 0 Y w &o your liking.

Advantages of MIDI:
MIDI files supplied in this pack are flexible and powerful allowing you to assign any of the musical phrases to your favourite synth or sampler and is only instructional data, so you can change9 s P / + the pitch and tempo beyond which the loops were originally r{ 4 K 4ecorded to al U = @ W % N Mny extent you like, with no artefacts.

Dry/Wet Loops:
The wet files contain all of the effects processing heard in the audim o : p 4 O u ;o demos. But for producers looki4 W $ 9ng to create their own effects mix, dry loops are also included so you can add your own effects.

Tempos are included and all loops are Royalty-Free. For more details, please carefully read the license2 y ) % agreement provided in every Kryptic Samples/CrI 1 [ 4 3 Tude Sounds product.

Pro( N [ zduct Details:

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 5 MIDI Files Included
  • 24-Bit/48kHz Quality
  • Tempo Labelled