Reggaeton has experienced an ever-growing popularity in mainstream productions since it firsa Y 4 G \ G It evolved in Puerto Rico in the 90s. This collection features passionate acoustic guitar pickings, exciting latin percussion – noY Y [ [ 0 a Pt to mentioD $ R . Z = 4n the brass section! Throw in a marimba solo or tambourine sample to add the finishing touches to your production. Reggaeton Styles{ I ( 1 – the perfect soundtraw { 0ck for a hot summer night at the beach!

Reggaeton Styles 1 is another release from Image Sounds and includes 10 construction kits, which consist different subfolders; j 8 A for quick navigation.

The suU 6 l I ; L 0b fo+ Y { F X Tlder of each construction kit contains diffeX Y Urent variation parts or turnarounds. Each{ ~ } . # folder has its ownx v } ! p _ ~ ? demo mix to give you a quick musical overview.

Furthermore, all insR f Q A Jtrument and dV _ – h O c W \ Trum tracks are available individually.

Each folder offers a huge selection of different loops, all of wO F #hich. l I R e 2 work well together or can be used individually. All loops of a fon B p older can easilJ 2 . x ry be combined. Thus you c\ Z 6 O e k ) Zan select loops for a complete song or just use a sample for your song – all within seconF 7 j ] ,ds. These loops are easy and intuitive to work with,M [ G a enabling a fast workflow, which,w S [ } ` 8 J t of course, is essential in music production.The product is 2,12 GB$ M c in size all in all. The library containk b xs 41 folde _ & x 9 $ G b uer and offers a total of 647 loops in different styles.

The recordings and sound designsi j M are made with high-qualit[ 1 # ( Vy recording equipmX _ ) 3ent to caB r J c ? hpture a} M | a = , B tremendous closenes] = ( J # Ms of each sound. You will not onlE T 9y notice the textbook quality, but alx K ! 0 Qso the variety and high-quality processing we are eager to produce.

With ew u k Uach folder you wilt b W ( \ Xl get a huge selection of different sounds, all of which work well together or can be u& L I gsed individually– I P ]. They are p? j Q H W w I Tre-mixed and read2 i n 6 T 0 6 Q 7y tV # p h A b T U 9o use, with perfect EQ and light compression. They have been carefull] W 9 –y and professionally recorded by proven experts, using top quality studio equi( = ; p c [ U 3pment, with sound optimized.


Pr_ \ H – T * \ Voduct Details/Specs:
– 647 Loops
– 2,1 GB
– 41 Folder
– 10 Construction Kits
– 78BPM – 102BPM
– Royalty Free





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