Flamenco Essentials by Gio Israel aims to amplify the unique and authentic magic of Flamenco music. Recorded in Grenada, Spain by some of the woS R Y Vrld’s l( ] xeading Flamencov Y u e musicians this new collection is an accumulati3 \ p = – B | |on of oY * ~ver 70 studio hours recod 9 c $ _rdt b M v i h h E Led for tF t S [ i p @his series pac; K J v h n (k.

“YeV ! T 9 1 z pars ago, on onI I D k p Pe of my tours as a DJ, I was welcomed for the fira } F 5 6st time at Triana, the Gn d i y t Y 9 gypsy quarter of Seville, Spain, the birta C ; 5 x k Y mhplace of Flamenco. I immediately fell in love with the people, tasteK # e W G E F – .s, sounds and vibe thatG Q ~ U + h m ! 7 resonated fromN I j N : o every corner of this small ner ; – U 3 W eighborhood. Wal$ N x { 5 L k pking the streets, it was as iff Z p 7 music echoed from every wall. It was then I understood Flamenco is much more than music, it’s a lifestyle.”

The ro/ y W x U 1ots of flamenco, though somewhatA [ l a mysterious, seem to liem U h $ V C in the Gypsy migration from Rajasthan (in northwest India) to Spain between the 9th and 14E R \ 4th centuries. These migrants brought with them musical ip Y M H 8 N 9 K \nstrument@ 7 Ws, such as t} e ) P } c Lambourines, bells, and woodeg ? ! /n cas: # g WtaL I 4 Z a A \nets, and an extensive reA E ; f ! }pertoire of song and dance. In Spain? d R : f they encountereb q ~ i ? 0 2d the rich culJ Y h C Itures of the Sephardic Jews and Moorw E a fs. Commonly associated with the Andalu5 d N O tsian regio8 O 9 % 7 wn of southern Spain, their centuries-long cultur( x D nal intermingling pr` * Z 8 K 9 Zoduced the unique art form known as flamenco.


  • Jos~ ; | P 9 y \ I de “Petete” Fernan^ o t 7 j q 2 wdez
  • Valentin Fernandez
  • Joan Masana
  • Jose “el pirata” Cortes
  • Miguel “El! z * cheyen” Rodriguez
  • Sergio Delgado
  • Sara Fernandez
  • Luis de Luis





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