Latin Stacks: Live & Resampled Vol. 2 is the newest installment of our popular Latin7 i Z B d ^ 1 ! Stacks series and continues to pay homage to the cl5 ( b [a5 3 g v e ~ } Ossic rhythms, melodies, and live instrumentation of the Latin countries. This collection was inspired by songs of yearning that conceal themes of love, heartbreak, conflict, and celebration. Created in colla= b u Q \ Y Fboration with Arthou* K @ ! & ; y =se Acoustics, we recorded live upright pianos, dusty true 3 ` ) Z H _mpet stacks, spirited acB i z ( M 0 Moustic guitars, and moody doB t 2 ( – cuble bass. Crackling vintage Latin vinyl blenda \ n = / H B s Z with the sounds and spirit of gric – E _ Undhouse and exploitation cinema.

The Arthouse Acoustics team created full compositions and song sectioh Y – 1 F w R i Ens and recorded with professional seC t ` ( J $ I Wssion musicians. These ‘stacks’ are included as full l* % Yoops and also soloed layers. We curatU I @ led the best selech E % N 3tion of loops and oneu J A t u q A-shots from the performances and chopped and sprinkled FX fof a d L Wr instant inspiration.

We resampled the compositionsv c n x, creating loop l% B E 1 oayers that cu { r t L Pombine the sonics of rare vinyl with moderr v ] 3 +n left-field sound design. Using classic hip-hop chopping, pitchw ! g * and time, reversing, saturation, anO F C Wd secret sauce, the samples could inspire trap and rap as easily as house, pop, and EDM.

We also rO – P 3 \ h x )ecorded traditional Latin percussion rhythms and essential live percussion one-s* N , =hots. Every loop has been me, z 4 kticulously key-tagged and tempo-synced.

Latin Stacks: Live & Resampled Vol 2 by Capsun ProAudio continues the journey from influence to inspiration via talented pro musicians, thoughtful recording techniques, and tasteful experimentation.

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