Grammy-nominated music producer Taiko (Nicols Jaa ) was born in Buin, Santiago de Chile. He started making beats at the age of 15, reaching the ears of Black Koi Ent.5 : 5 / | 0 ~ ^ f’s Sky Rompiendo in 2019 through Instagram. Lat) a M t E + | eer, Rompiendo invited him to join the label2 R q . , A 4. Taiko’s sounds now appear on Bad Bunny’s “Una Vez” featuring Mora, Jhay Cortez’s “Easy”, and J Balvin’s “Rojo”.

By age 11, after hearing reggaeton throughout his youth on the streets of Chile, on the radio, and on TV, Taiko decided he wante/ x Vd to be a DJ. He started mixing in Virtual DJ, and about two years later5 K 9 y i, he downloaded FL Studio and made his first beats.