If a big warm hug had a sound, it would be that of the flugelhorn. Similar to the trumpet, it has( [ l 9 2 M s Q a smoothness to its texture that offers an array of sounds fit for any kind of genre. ‚FlugelhoM ` Wrn 1′ provide you with soothing melodies and catchy toplines for youre D m ^ Y prodG U 7 C f { 2 n #uction – be it pop, chillout, lounge or jazz music.

This instrument is always special! ‚Flugelho3 p 1 V 0rn 1′ is anothe( – } c 3 / ) b vr rel\ – g k ) Yease frg ) / Z F 4om the Image SouB ; E 0 N $ 9 ends Artist Series. In this great expert series, we focusH ; d K l exclusively on the recordin\ – G s : w + G \g of live instruments, all recorded by professional m( + [ t r u = a jusicians. The library recordings are made with high-quality recording equipment to capture a tremendous closeness of the natural sound of each instrument. You w! $ T N ( G M ,ill not only notice the textbook quality, but also the variety and high-quality processing we are eager to produce. With this package, you can immediately give any tracks a cool, a warm mood or a real live touch.

If you’re lookingP $ n S ? 6 = v 5 for smooth and cool flugelhorn loops for your pop, funk, chill out, lounge,( & l Z X U 8 hip hop, jazz or rock production, the ‚Flugelo . l h _ 2 r ! 7horn 1′ sample loop library is just perfect. You’ll nog q z G r ~ @tice not only the quality but also the, W e X O = variety and precision of the editing.

The product is 585 MB in size all in all. The tempos range between 60 BPM – 104 BPM. The library contains 14 Fold; m Mer/Kits and offers a total of 670 flugelhorn loops in many different musical styles.

With eai g p y Q w 3 .ch flugelhorn folder/kit you will get a huge selectig o d F h % _ lon of different loops, all of which work well together or can be used individually. All loops of a folder/kit are based on the same harmony pattern and can easily be combined. Thus you can select flugelhorn loops for a complete song or just use a sample for your song – all within seconds. These loops are easy and int8 ] i \ p e G |uitive to work with, enabling a fast workflow, which, of cours\ @ D a ) ) f . Ze, is esseH y b @ Wntial in musC 1 ( L U G F s =ic production.

Each and every loop contains tempo and\ \ 4 F | \ z key information – usually 1-4 bars long. The_ / ? * 3 q v wy are pre-mixQ { 1 ) X [ Zed and rea6 ; D v E idy to use, with perfect EQ and light compression.e 0 a o They have been carefully and professionally recorded by proven experts, using top quality studio.

– 60-104} 5 l 1 d } E \ bpm
– 585 MB
– 670 loops