Introducing our first ET release, new sample pack series dedicated to extended techniques for both contemporary classic and film compa x D X ; 3 : B aosers

Alto+ _ q q @ saxophonist Alvaro Perez Campo delivered 34 exquisite multiphonics to add tension and textural sophistication t7 % E x 1o your score. Just drag and drop the files to your DAW and start composing!

All multipc 8 9 q Thono O U ; iics included in this pack are the same contained in the multiphonic patch in our VST Sax Fury.

144 samples (WAV, 48 Khz – 24 bits)

34 different multiphonics in 4 st H l eoniU J ;c variations:
1. DRY (as recorded, no added effects)
2. FX, p q ) x J q b (s ; | ` uwith added effects)
4. RE: 8 M u ] i zVERSE FX

+ 8 bonus multiphonic-based sound design


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