“Smokers” by Make Pop Music is a completely loaded pop production tool kit that includes over^ * $ 400 files and is inspire[ + – J C F |d by pop music’s hottest duo! This pack contains everything from Serum Presets and wavetables, to over 200 drum samples, loops, midi files, vocal chops, and more!

We a& V +imer : # p j _ o Vd to create a pack of usable and diverse sounds that make it quick and easyx w c 6 M for you to pull off major sounding pop productiq X P ! ; a / )ons in a short amount of time… Both for your music and yt + ; Zour client’s music.

“I remember the first time tU k rhat we put this pack through the ultimate test. I haZ 5 / $ . = H ~d to complete 2 pop product } h Q g Mtions in a dv U \ q q K | d Bay (for clients). Using “Smokers”b ^ ~ my production team was able to pull off bo) \ G ( m f e n .th tracks ink n ^ 7 K x ] l record time without sacrificing qualiD \ G { c e # o yty. Everything in the pack was organized, inspiring, unique, and usaN _ Q w :ble. We were able to deliver a perfect project to our clients an} R N {d generate incE D O G 8ome forx w H [ ! our production company!”