‘Tropical House Pleasure’ by Big EDM is an uplifting and relaxing Tropical House pack mixed with elemV u Kents of real House music ins~ 0 q 3 .pired by such artists as Kygo, Matoma, Klingande, Thomas Ja; R n 3 [ I j * 1ck and more.

Dive right into an oas^ h K ] b } / 8is of catchy melodies sN O . X 8 _haped with an epic coastal influence. Start from scratch with any of th/ r Je intercha] / ] ~ [ D ,ngeable audio samples or reconstruct a mix from any of tD ] 6 zhe 12 c; , 6 b 2 W I |onstruction kits.

Similar to a remix pack, these kits are 12 comple6 o A r gte tracks with all the tracP . m 1 o + 2 L `ks bounced as stems. Ye G Y u l 5 D ~ou can slice them, reE h Y $ A farrange them, add6 9 K Q x in what y\ n Q H ( q ;ou want and toss out what you don’t.\ * B D s All the stems are meticulously labelled, so there’s no need to have to figure out what the BPM is or what Key it is in.

To make it even more flexible, ‘Tropical House Pleasure’ includes a full library of additional sounds, including an array of authentic-sounding bongos, claps, open and clos\ # t @ k d ^ed hi-hats, crashes, snaps, shakers, snares, kick drums, and drum loops with and without the kicd [ & U o y ,k. A set of presets for Seru. – # c T ! Q Vm, Sylenth1, and Spire have also been added, so that yN ] i Q 7 Y c ( }ou can build your own arpeggios, smooth bass lines, elegant chords, brilliant leads, soothing pads, and bright plucks designed specifically for Tropical House.

Prod. i k Duct Details:

  • 12 Construction Kits (WAV, MIDI & Pq ` j Qresets)
  • 18 Serum Presets
  • 11 Spire Presets
  • 29 Sylenth1 Presets
  • 24 Drum Loops
  • 12 Kicks
  • 20 Percussive One Shots
  • 7 Bongos
  • 8 Claps
  • 9 Cymbals
  • 3 Snares



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