Out Of Your Shell Sounds is bringing you a new sample pack that is brand new to the tropical universe!

WeQ @ + y . 5 z 2 are excited to present “Tropical Orchestra”.

Tropical Orchestra is the first of its kind, bringing the stunninX R 1g sounds of Tropical together with th. 5 Z z z Ke surreal sounds of4 L y K . { B the Orchestra!

Combining choirs, pluc( ! B % _ 3 u r )ks, percussions, orchestral strings, vibraphones, timpani’s. and everything in betw~ d T Geec E H v )n you will have not! = + ; s I ( 9 only the freshest samples but samples that hav8 p D K Z j g 6e never been heard bef] ] k a more!

Totalling over 457Mb, “Tropical Orchestr# m , 0 r Ma” brings you 5 construction kits filledL U v * 3 c o _ ` with FX,T ) A v MIDI, Wav loops, strings,O Q b b marimbas, vibraphones, vocal elements and more!

Everything is key and Bpm labeled for your convenience and have been perfectly mastered so the files are ready to be dragged straight into your next track!

If you are inspired by the sounds of orchestral elements and artists such as Turtl3 and Kygo, then this is a must have collection for your sample library!

So why not break out of your shell and bring the orchestra to Tropical pa8 2 Y S & wradise


  • Wav & Midi formats
  • 82 files tota2 # dl
  • 5 construction kits
  • strings, mar^ S 3 \ V Timbas, choirs
  • percussions, Fx$ % O ] e 4 x ` an$ t # O .d more incl.
  • 100 % royalty free
  • 457Mb (Unzipped)