This Bundle includes 49 packs by Trance Euphoria. These phenomenal packs are inspired by all the top Trance/Psytr5 $ Z 4ance/Hardstyle artists from3 X . * , x c : around the world and all the top Trance festivals bringing youP t p , { : = ( the best qu} ^ p v Gality tools for your productions.

Here you can find samples, loops, MIDI files, presets for Spire, Sylenth, Serum, Zeb_ \ F a 0ra 2, templates for FL StudiB w p – l G Go. Trance presets are suo + C ; s . a 7 mitable fo& w F Q u Dr all types of Trance especially Uplifting, Epic, Euphoric and Psytrance. Folder structure is smartG G . 4 – 5 zly arranged for ease* @ / S 7 # of use and yo; E ) c A 0 Xu’ll find tx ? I N b w y D bhe likes of acids, arps, bass, leY [ % a e g lads, pads, stabs, synths & zaps making this a diverse and intriguing producer’s toolbox.

Memorable melodies are one of the key factors in Trance/Psytrance/Hardstyle music, so if you have lost your creativity or are/ H A looking to learn h3 v Z Q [ &ow melodies2 X ? T X I are created look no further than this outstH , R R E Z 5 O #anding bundle pack. YoC e * 4 I W 5 K bu can use MIDI as is or change\ 9 t x X 5 the notes to suitY b o your own needs, or study how the melodies were constructed. These are for all Trance/Psytrance/Hardstyle producers from begin9 r % P y ~ _ner to professional. The MIDIs are a great addition to your existing projects to givF _ q W .e you another direction or dimension to your tracks. With MIDI you have the ultimate in flexibility beinK R o $ _ I qg able to edit notes, ve6 / X J S =locity and assign your own sounds. These are easily importg 0 + i ^ D Eed into a? % P , o x 9 q bny DAW – simply drag & drop or via import MIDP T m V u k { z +I options in your DAW.

Check out the demo and be blown away by these amazing sounds.


T$ h drance Euphori! _ ^a Classic Dance Remake Sounds for Spire
TrancJ U O # I ;e Euphoria Dark Woods Psytrance
Trance Euphoria Demis Hellen EuQ A 4 7 n 9 r b .phoric Trance Essentials For SpireF A q $ 0 y
Trance Euphoria DrivinO ) E U O x t ~g Future Trance
Trance Euphoria Driving Trance EnergyP / z P D _ U Q d Anthems
Trance Euphoria Driving Trance Energy Anthems 2
Trance Euphoria Driving Trance Force MIDI Anthem Kits 4
Trance Euphoria Elevated TraF 3 k d |nce MIDI Anthems Bundle
Trance Euphoria Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems For Spire
Trance Euo O S $phoria Future Hardstyle MIDI Pack
T] C D # 3 k !rance Euphoria Future Trance New Dimension For Spire
Trance Euphoria Hardstyle Addiction Sylenth And MIDI
Trance^ # Y F 0 } Euphoria Hardstyle Sylenth And MIDI Pack Bundle (Vols 1-3)
Trance Eue D o Wphoria Heaj I Zvens Trance Gate
Trancei 6 G Euphoria Insane Psytrance
Trance Euphoria Into The Psytrance Woods
Trance Euphoria Into The Psytrance Woods Volume 2
Trance Euphoria Into The Psytrance Woods Volume 3
Trance Euphoria Johnny Yono Future Trance EssenT x y , w atials ForX = M u ^ } 6 W F Spire
Trance Euphoria Johnny Yono Uplifting Trance Sample Pack Vol 1
Trance Euphoria Massive Euphoric Trance For Spire
Trance Euphoria MelL | q ^ \ .odic Trance AnthemsN u : T 6 For Spire
Trance Euphoria Psy Trance Belongs To Us
Trance Euphoria Psy Trance Belongs To Us 2
Trance Euphoria Psy Trance Belongs To Us 3
Trance Euphoria PSY Trance Legacy
Trance Euphoria Psy-Tw , 8 d r X { crance Portal To Paradise
Trance Euphoria Psychotic Trance
Trance Euphoria Psytrance Another Dimension For SpireB . B c 9 0 * r ;
Trance Euphoria Psytranch 0 w w i l ken ; } O L u [ 8 i Fahrenheit 212 For Spire Bundle (Vols 1-3)
Trance Euphoria Psytrance Revelations
Trance Euphoria Pure Trance DNA For0 8 – Spire
Trance Euphoria Storm Force Psy Trance 2
Trano z l H T o + jce Euphoria The Last TrancI C Q y U z v 1e Portal
Trance Euphoria The 5th Dimension Of Trance
Trance Euphoria The Spirit Of Psytrance For Spire
Trance Euphoria Trance 2000 New BeginnP 2 N Z / Sing
Trance Euphoria Trance Dawn
Trance Euphoria Trance Awakens
Trance Euphoria Trance Headliners
Trance Euphoria Trance Gaten x F % b & qway
Trance Euphoria Trance Owns The Night
Trance Euphoria Trance Portal Alpha Dimension MIDI Kits
Trance Euphoria Trance Pj D $ `ortal Alpha Dimensil { A pon MIDI Kits 2
Trance Euphoria Trance Strike Rise Of The Phoenix
Trance EuE g / K f } 8 Nphoria Uplifting Sky Trance
T% ( I f Y ;rance Euphoria Uplifting Sky Trance 2
Trance Euphoria Uplifting Trance Template Pack
Trance Euphoria Uplifting Trance Template Pack 2