The latest release in our quarantine series, Splice Originals: Lost Highway features Tulsa, OK-based pedal steel guitar player, Tra, X 2 ` j Q a ! dvis Linville. He swapped files with our in-house producers, who assembled a suite of piano parth + `s thath b D X K seq { Jt th% g u Fe spacX – L V C f ! 7e for Travis to explore the limitless possibilities` J f b G f = of his instrument. Witl ~ Q C i z Vh itR X 8 E ]s intricate set of pitch-bending levers and pedals, Travis played the 10-string. w 3 h E9-tuned gu4 O 0 s V [ eitar, pedaling betwe* C # w G | G } 3en major and minor shapes and slix y 3 _ n mding in and out of parallel chords.

He also recorded an extensive sei 2 ) Dt of one-shot notes, bends, and sla i b ^ mides that we assembl# a 1 U , . X y 5ed into sampler instruments for Ableton, Logic, and Kontakt samplers. Each has a slightly different chara, t v a 0cter for new aleatoric possibilities and unexpected melodic shapes. The compositions were processed and chopped with a finaT M I E kl layer of sampler perform/ X h j :ances to rj E 4 Dound oK M {ut the pack, creating textural combinations perfect for trap, lo-fi, ambient, and film scores.