‘The Sound Of London Drill’ by Concept Samples delivers a collection of dark and edgy sounds developed for producers of Dr/ E l H `ill, Hip Hop, Trap aS z ^ ~ * 8nd more.

This collection features a rangT \ W R 2e of sounds reJ D 5corded using analogue synthesiL 7 t r vsers and drum machines, such as AnaloX ( ogue Rytm by ElectO { .ron, Pro] x N o +phet 8, Moog a1 8 y ~ H ? Fnd more.

Inside you will find a collections of Drums, Plucks, Bass, Leads, Efx, Reversed Reverb sounds, as well as Loop Stacks for maximum flexi^ I x } @ 3bility.

Stacked-up Loops have proved poB W 7 u $ (pular in recent years among prod@ C % nucers looking for fast and instant inspiration. Drop any3 l n p , 8 w | Sty F d @ } \ t Nack or single sound Lov \ C d z top into your DAW for instant start into the journey of layering and creating cutting-edge London Drill anthems.

Product Details:

– 74 Loops & Sx S G 7 9amples
– 100% R~ g J Q O u ?oyalty-Free
? 7 R o . | 24-Bit/44.1kHz