Traktrain is proud to present the “Seaside Paragliding” Lo-Fi sample pack with 300 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. They include bass, drum, and melody loopsV c ! F J as well as some one-shots, voice, and ambient samples. The pack is perfect for making Lo-Fi, Jazz-Hop or Chillwave beats. However, one can find a use for these sounds in sui ; Pch genrH s x k = @es as Trap and Phonk.

The “Seaside Paragliding” kit includes a hug1 1 * S m U h Xe variety of sounds and rhythms. Firstly, the C K m v ] S U here are highly creative drum loops with quite a novel sound panned in such a way that they create truly uniqx 2 ] Z n ! z :ue beats. What’s more, the patterns themselves are very funky ann o 1 L 4 D { ,d farI P k-out. Secondly, there are a couple of dozens of melody loops created with different insa v ntruments and effects. They invoke im0 D X tages of tranquil sunlit seashores observed from a bird’s eye view and feelings of inner peace.( ? : Y $ H In addition, the author i5 h R A . . Encluded sounds of nature – the wind, the water, and the birds – that will by L ; de a fine addition to the atmosphere of your tracks. So use this chance to glide among airstreams of creatf G n @ q }ivity andf # K get the “Seaside Paragliding” loop kit!