KEYNOTE from Sonics Empire is a Giant Melody Sample Pack with 1.12GB of Melodies campaigned with Knocking Drum Loops, Stem Files, MIDIsR 0 . ; and Drum One-Shots.

KEYNOTE is absolutely the pack you need to start a( ) x z A O E i p Melodic new year full of Hit Recordq Y i M s u \ q Xs. We included Industry-standard melody loops, Chords,{ % 9 ^ q D Basses, Drum Kits and Drum Loops, but we’re not done yet; Flexibility and control are in your hands too using our MIDI, Wet and Dry stem files to make the most out of each project.

The sound selection was ba~ _ @ , R H A used on a mixture of Analogique, vintage, and clean Acoustic soundsd { w L c X 7 T to offer you high-quality productioy 9 ? } , y v z Xns like we always do.

Styles were insp7 8 ] w | L – |ired by Russ, J.cole, Kehl` K $anH B Ui, Chris Brown, J.I, Lil Baby, Drake, Youn= 3 H 5 \ Zg Thug, Roddy Ricch, Lil Tjay, Morray, Doja Cat, Yung Bleu, CJ, Bad Bunny, Jb ] Qoyner Lucas, Fat Joe7 T * y 2 2, Dj Khaled, and the lis^ C % |t goes on.. ThC a ? n | B bis Pack is like a Globale Top 10 Productionsr { U e 4 ( ?.FORREAL!!

Get in charge of your goals today, Download a copy ofO * ? ^ Z r KEYNOTE and head up to your studio, Leo & Ugends take no day off. Refresh your ear with KEYNOTE Make today cG g o S H w @ y Lount. Champ!

Sample pack details
214 Wav Loop
10 Bass Loops
14 Chord LT a ( G T 2 E Joops
25 MelL q 4 P Y 4 )ody Loops
10 Full Drums
10 Full Samples
52 Drum One-Shots
89 MIDI Files
Dry & Wet Vert X *sions
10 Con4 v bstruction Kits
10 Demo Instrb ~ ` ? P 4 5 z `umentals
45i O 3 P # M R Drum Loops Stems
Tempo & Key Labeled
1.12 GB OF C2 Q :ontent