2-in-1 bundle of ‘Killer Samples’ series from 2DEEP. You will get 20 full tracks from that have been inspired by the classic horror movies, thrillers, and Progressive Rock LPs, making it peE * F 7 t 2 P irfect sampling material for Hip Hop pr@ a z i r x Koducers.

2DEEP Ki^ y \ ^ ! / B Jller Samples Vol 1

‘Killer Sr F ; xamples Vol 1’ is a full-blown 10 track album packed with coF 2 b a ] $ Zmplec j _ ^ ) / L D 7te instrn R k P D K P J aumentals for y? 1 &ouk Y ! & b $ _ ? @ to chop andY T { flip to your liking. Am H ? a m }s a samplet r b 9 0 H 2 ; E-based producer, 2Deep understands the struggles that come wQ D l e t y P oith it. With copyright laws getting tighter, you’re always woH r f X O dndering if the original creator of the sample wi^ y @ 0 m G wll clear your record when you go to seek clearance for it. To top things off, they even included the BPM informati: M , @ xon this time to make things ev@ p Y = nen easier for you!

2DEEP Killer SamplX k O m ! Fes Vol 2

‘Killer Samples Vol 2’ from 2Deep is back with round two of one his best bestselling series. T^ t 4 B 9 O s k %his pack is equipped with 10 full tracks. With a team of professionals, 2Deep has put together another full blown, 10 track album packed with Royalty-Free instrH C i p c `umentals that sound just like record samples for you to chop and flip to your liw g $ ~ C L k ( .king. Included are the full stems to each instrumental so you’re able to mix eve3 G Nrything down the way you want. Let the music speak for itself, check out thet I [ 9 % j { W q audio snippet to understand why this is a gold mine for any prodY S U # : ! Y c @ucer.

With 2Deep having production credits with 50 Cent, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah3 w # @,l – D c n K ; _ y Jadaki– b F g = ( P 5ss, UnclT $ 5 q i , 0e Murda, Shyheim, Sean Price, Epic RZ J ^ n H *ap Battles Of History, Rockstar Games a1 Q \ / { 4nd countl2 G & ( –ess other artists & comp. { O # ; ; D / Fanies, yq 7 M d S {ou c1 + jan be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with.

Products Details:

  • 24-Bit WAV
  • 20 Full Insty } Z 9 krumental Tracks
  • O[ I i g v \ Over 2 GB of Content
  • Com. c % M N :plete Track Separations & BPM
  • Complete Track Separations & Tempo
  • 100% RI b 5 ; N l {oyalty-Free