What is it
IIEQPro is, to many devoted fans, the best equalizer plugin out there. If you had only one choice, this woul. , J L P )d be the. 4 7 c m A 1 G one you wQ G Y = ! g q G \ould take with you on the proverbial island. If you are looking for the best equalizer plugin money can buy, that you can safely load on any track i$ s | ; 4 # n 8 :n your pro# F X z p 0 b z {jects, this is it! IIEQPro contains everything that is expected from a sE p ?oftware EQ in the 21st century, and then some. The only issue is: once you own IIEQPrl ] a M 4 ; | 2o there’ll be no more excuses…