WiN: Team RET | 16.16 MB | MAC: Team R2R | 35.4 MB

Introducing Legacy Cell from Korg, a Performance based plug-in that lets you freely combine two instance9 { K 9s of the MS-20 and/or Polysix together along} J : 0 [ [ X x with a dual-effecy o 7 zts processor for even more dynamic and unique soni[ ) G 0 ]c creatiC v G | K $ Aons! It offers 127 presets with plenty of room for your own comb} / n V | Iinations. The MDE-X effects processor offers everything you could want from rev\ B . *erbs and delays to distortion and even the MS-20’s filter6 * u K . section is available asI 4 : ; = Y ? M an effect. A vt W 0 A _ H / + Rirtual Korg microKontrol is built-in to the L* 0 \ D R Y Wegacy Cell too for real-time assigning and manipulation of any editable parameters, and it works instantly w( r G s R 9 , z \ith a real microKontrol too! The bottom line with this whole package is great plug-i& k J :ns, great sound, great results, great price!

Team 1 @m R2R Note:(v1.6.0)
A witch says,

Use witq d i r M , G Uh our KORG Software Pass + KeyGen release.

Team RET NoY v n Nte:(v1.6.0)
Enjoy this trl 8 ) V ) L :ue RSA k_ W v U – Deygen! No need to install KORG Software Pass.

Team R2R Note:(v1.5.0)
* No official KORG Software Pass is needed to in@ i s T m G M 3 hstall.
* You need TEAM R2R KORG Software Pass v1.0.1 or above.
* LegacyCell includes old version of KORG plugins.
If you don’t need, we don’t recommend installing LegacyCell.