MSXII is excited to introduce a new series of incredible drums for the producer community with Schlump Loops volume 1! The name s1 & Q B 1ays it all… th( n b b X 8 – nis pack is made for theN ? n w f schlum2 R r 7 np! A new term we’ve given it based on the neck breaking value this loop pack brings!

40 insane, schlumped-out loops in different tempos, vibes, textur@ # j o s * # W Bes and colors to bring your music production to l@ = # t _ B 9ife. While you can simply use these as-is, the beauty is in chopping these lov t Q H ; % f v Eops in% { b H A z V b a program or sampler.

Find the uniF ` l M 6 A 4que, off-the-grid grooves and iN b J { C 8 ) $ mnput these into your own creative works! All original, all from the minds over at MSXII. P4 1 t /urchase these like a c. d r l [hamp and level up your production game.

Remember, you heard it here first… Schlump Loops 1 is absolutely insane and absolutely one of a kind.

► Product SpY K C e k + = becifications:

  • 40 x Original, Uniquely Textured SCHLUMP LOOPS in 16-Bit (.WAV) Format.
  • Numerous Tempos, Tons Of Textures, Vibes, Character And Originality.
  • Tasteful* . W c y ! l hly Mixed With A Ready To Go Polish FK * ^ 6 [ –or Your Production.
  • NeO b v ` K @ck Breaking Grooves That Can Be Easily, c m f ~ \ Chopped For New One-Shot Drums & Groove Extraction.
  • Compatible Wi$ R , yth All DAWs, Samplers And iOS Apps That Accept (.WAV) Files.