Composing quality melody loops is one of the most important parts of making a hit recoq v f l Prd. Evc ` c # ~ % 8 Hen the biggestk G n 9 { + = producers in the game have teams of loop makers to supply them with melody loops, so they canV b @ find one for any vibe when it] 7 A 0 ^’s studio tiE 6 2 M u Q \ 6me. (Just look at the long list of production credits on songs by artists like Travis Scott and Kanye West)

This pack is like having your own pers0 h 1 Z / a | Y Bonal teamR w L C y : of loop makers, inspired by legendary loop mt H : Jakers like CuBeatz, it provideO I zs a deep bag to pull( y E [ l \ ( o from for inspiration when starting your next big record.

Stems for each melody are included as well, making each loop easy to customize and flip in eJ T J s wndless ways – change the tempo, adjust thej 2 ! k 7 G z pitch, chop it up and rearrange it, or just drop it in as-is.

Narcos Trap Melodies specs:i K d 2 , m B f e

  • 53 Trap Melodies
  • Stems and MIt = ; U z ~ ~ h %DI include0 v = ; T pd
  • 100% roW ! 2 i ] Syalty free




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