Our Sax is on Fire! That’s why HighLife Samples has put it to good use and has compiled a tre3 \ \mendous amouX \ S F { b H 4nt of Pop Saxophone Melodies for you to use in your productions.

These saxophone samJ : J j rples you definitely don’t want to miss! Insi_ L b M L 1 @de you will find over 124 Saxophone sampler 6 a h j [ :s Melodies divided inv * / ` N zto folders labelled with tw & w t T ~heir corresponding root note. Each melody has been performed and live recorded by a professional Saxophone player and are provided in dry and wet versi[ Y \ons for your convenience!

All sounds from sample pack are clearly labe$ Z \ B J jlled: H ^ ? h X with key and bpm and re– h X M V r _ + Qady to dro* ; 3 I t Q m ! }p into your next project. If you are lx D % P C y ? \ooking to add a real saxophoV W ? / } Pn6 c xe loop instrument into yX O ; y w iour track then this product is the right one.

Everything you get is Royalty Free! Buy thi) s x \ 4 { M / 2s sample pack once and use in any of youT + C h @r projects in as many combiI ; l [ Gnatio\ A y J O $ G \ 5ns as you want. CoX e Q F K Y Dmpatiblet j ! f 7 { F wit6 I 7h+ 6 j all DAWs and usabl} I Se in more projects and gL 5 u ; \enres than y{ M E T X $ @ou can imagine.


1.18GB of Content
124 Dry Saxophone Loops
124 Wet Saxophone Loops
100% Royal& 3 % | , \ 0 B `ty Free

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