Welcome, park up, check in and enjoy the sound of Lofi Motel – Nightlife. Melancholic melodies with haui 9 | b v 3nting vocals, washed out guitars and neon drenched synths b8 J J ! y aackedc 3 ^ 5 = up by hard hitting lofi drums beats and one shots.

Lofi Motel – Night1 a k @ i m C nlife is crez l / ^ated by producers and artists Jordan Davis and Bailey Sample from Nasp : b 1 n } ( F fhville TN. The pack explores their siM B N V ~ 6 bgnature style and offers a wealth of stacked melodic ideas2 m H X and textureX 4 J 8 ks, live guitars and bass, and unique vocals perfect as inspirational songstarters or as a perfect complimq I ient to your track, from instrumental hip hop to trap and alt RnB, these versatile sounds will compliment any genre.

After becomin5 { t 5 V ,g f# ] W l G s &riends through bussing and DJing at a local dance club they launched a Trap/Pop project called Support Staff.

The project’s songs are driven by beats and melQ B Zodies that lent themselvesP Y _ b to the idea of sample cu 2 / Z N } M ; |reation and beat design. Davis and Sample are exci– N V jted to be part of the Splice community and hope their debut packs can inspire other’c ; K # 8 N a 6s new projects!


  • 7 Ambience & FX
  • 12 Drum Loops
  • 8 Hi Hat Loops
  • 8 No Kick Loops
  • 8 Percussion Loops
  • 50 DrL ! Rum &u D s B C ^ U Perc One Shots (5 Claps, 3 Cymbals, 9 Hi Hats, 10 Kicks,

9 Percussion, 5 Snaps, 9 Snares)

  • 132 Melodic Loops
  • 39 V s6 Melodic One Shots