Brazilian Bass and Pop is inspired by the great brazilian DJ and Producer Alok, recognizedA ! – r 7 c worldwide for his tracks, whichy X ! y W X 8 O has its own built style, mixing Brazilian Bass and Po P 3 Qop, making his songs great hits with millions of plays on streaming platforms.

The pack offers 05 full conx O | Z n r Mstruction kits separated into io + ZndividV W B $ e + M C `ual inst! L , J = 1rument trackk B l ] xs like Kick, Clap, Snare, Hat,Y Q 2 N I 8 ! \ z FX, Lead, Bash { * D \ /s, Guitar, Brass% Y 6 Z @ 1 X etc, ad a , 4 2long with MIDI files for all bass. j ! C U L Alines, leadw f J Is, guitars, Brass elements and otE K M Lher instruments, so yo$ 2 Zu can fi# s h \re up your favorite synthesizers and customize at your own taste.
The pack features all Drums in One Shots, so you can create the drums your way, mix) % M Q s D A, match,6 4 I R remix and adjush { 1t anywa8 m x n . ^ Q # 6y you like it.
Construction Kits are a incredibly hej M J ) | /lpful, like studies source or like an idea for your productions. With them you will have deconstructJ + } – ] 3 & Ped tracks where you can work and use your creativity the way you wanN 4 c } st, creating and reK ) \ B 7 N 3 + Screating innovative tracks.

With all the contents of thisq ` ! 100% royalty free pack, you producer, c: _ q ` #an abuse of your creativity to make your next productions to shine!

Ca = N # 7 R 6 \ontains:

  • 05 Construction Kits
  • 113 Wav Loops
  • 40 Drum One shots
  • 34 MIDI Files

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