The feature of this library is the high flexibility of using any vocal phrase, as well as the ability to mix it with other phrases regardless of the tempo and the key of your project. More than that, using anyA 7 ; { MIDI keyboard, you can instantly switcu O Kh t3 L o ? 5 { 2o any sung syllable. Additional Oneshot syllables located in a separate area on the keyboard make it possible to create an almost unlimited number oT b X R # F H uf new musical phrases.

To create this lL } I Mibrary we usedM R % 4 : Z a multi-hp C _ T ` u ! f !our studio session of three vocalists re1 2 8 ?corded with the help of Double Track tecw i v } Fhnology in all tones and combined with each other using careful editing. Thus, t^ 2 z A Y p Lhe effect of a full-fledged six-voice chorus is achieved, soundii ~ * hng wn ; O 4 _ T 7 5 cithout any use of computer technology. It is also worth noting that in addition to the tube preamp, no processin% 8 ~ S h N |g was used aG 7 K s A @ ^ m kll the way up to the final signal. This was done not to introduce additional transformations, buU F w t Ft to allow the user to process the sound of each track at his option.





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