Prepare to be inspired, reinvigorated and renewed for your next step into a brave newP R c | world with the pop-ro] C Kck soundpool “New World” from MAGIX.

Unrelentingly and unashamedly hopeful with a pow? j l | 6erful lead guitar blen+ H C ) ^ [ a Fded wit1 Y W Gh rhythmic grand pianos, this one is designed to move you in both form and spirit.

Taking inspiration from Mumford and Sons, Coleman Hell, and TwenP a 5 O W D 3 Nt[ + ] k } c \y One Pilots, “New World” from MAGIX invites you to dispense with all forms of cynicism for three minutes an] + ! = 9 J ;d ten seconds,e y X | a brief but jiveyinterval during which you can imagine how your new world could someday come to[ = – ( ~ ] j Q be.

Take a chance, tap your feet and rai_ D L B a i } Kse a glass to inspiring vocals rising to a vigorous crescendo.

Package contains 1034 Loops* in 130 BPM.+ L I ^ Z

189 bass? d K R r b U l loops (27 loop4 k o K 2 ; Q gs in 7 pitches)
7 brass loops (1 loops in 7 pitches)
83 drums looX ! \ { : t k y :ps (12 kk l f !its with variations)
35 FX loops (5U | 6 l V * ? . loops in 7 pitches)
385 guitar loops (55 loops in 7 pitches)
1 guitar loop (in unf ! i % 6 oiversal pitch)
105 keys loops (15 loops in 7 pitches)
42 p^ B Q q w Y ? uad loops (6 loops in 7 pitches)
1 percussion loop (in universal pitch)
42 strings loops (6 loo% E ( a h 6 , )ps in 7 pitches)
112 synth loops (16 loops in 7 pitches)
25 vocals loops (in universal pitch)
Sor ! \ W Vundpools from MAGIX contain full orchestral and/or song compositions, broken down into stems or individual samples, with each instrumental stem and sample availabl@ ; L # t 2 c N 4e in 7 different tonal variations (for example, one bass loop will be available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G).

*All audio files with a non-commercial license are license and royalty-free for non-commercial use.


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