Merging the iconic sounds of retro electro, new wave, and 80s pop at your fingertips – Synth-Pop Patches comes packed wF 3 \ith 101 presets for Mass( } $ 4 R Aive and Spire with epic retro synth flair. Expect neon poly-synths, crystalised chords, glassy FM keys, growling ba1 N O C Isslines, and analogue modelB r % ] j Red pads. Instantly fuel your retro-inspired productB } M M W @ion.

From the producer behind the chart-topping Synth-Pop, Synthwave 3 and Retrowave 2 – this patch bank collection packsz O A | the same winning ingredients – a stunning variety of patches, with fully-twX ] Reakable macro contr z G irols, which take( ^ $ full advantage of Massive’s complex architectT W & = x X |ure and amazinJ { ~ L 5 t 3 n cg FM architecture and internal processing tools of Spire.

TotP / Z 7 7 : j taling 202 patches, the pack includes basses, leads, pads and synths – all expertly programmed tF C z 3 } \ L vo creaA # b I ! & 7te synth sounds that sound authentically old school and 80s infused.


103 Spire Presets
101 Massive Presets