As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use Two Fang or KARRA’s name, image or likeness without Two Fang or KARRA’s express written permission. KARRA proudly presents a vocal pack with Two Fang. Drawn in by her ethereal,2 O $ X # D & smokey vocals} – e Q ? ^ } and impressed by her adaptability, KARRA knew Two Fang wp _ *as the ideal collaborator for this pack. Leaning into Two Fang’s mysterious and hauntinl Y 5 m G – N vg style of vocals, the tw* g : 0 , Go laid down otherwordly vocals featuring minoO 0 s e R ~r scales, moody tones, and bre3 ? @ B 1 fathy projection. But it wouldn’t be a KARRA Presents pack without a few unexpected moments in there as well. Demonstrating Two Fang’s range and control, you’llr [ , ; also stumble on some powerful beltU C & * _ I z A Js.

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