Spire Synth-Pop Patches presents a collection of iconic sounds from the mid to late 80sU a * electro, neM 3 L d + 4 \w wave, 80s pop with proper retro flair and flavt Y j c } K u / gor. This collection come5 f a D d 1 |s packed with 100 presets from neon poly-synths,X 6 B G o L W M glassy FM keys, stacked-oscillator padsG ; q 8 `, and analogue md j _ 5 T iodeled basslines, futuristic FX and more. Spire Synth-Pop Patches delivers carefully craftedr O u x d e s sounds anB d K + O hd MIDN 4 K 2 I C dI to instantly fuel your retro-inspired produ: k u 8 ( S + cction.

Please note:! s G y z k y l z this collection contains Spire preseA \ 9 l ets onX 5 7 qlA P E +y. The dD i M k 6 v * ~ zemo contains samples not included in the pack.

Contains:4 0 M

  • 100 Spire Presets
  • 78 Q Z g b0 MIDIs