Your next song starts with a gorgeous piano melody. Embrace beautiful sound and chill vibes in your track with the Piano XL collection. With more than 300 original song-starter loops and midi files, PR & Iiano XLH ! v 3 | / 7 is your perfect piano sample pack for staying inspired. And with up to 5 different types of piano samples, you can express yourself in many flavors. s ; and push the emotions of your track to the next level.

Sound that motivates you
Piano XL boasts sR * E 8 ( ^ 7 \omei . r X Y of the best piano samples you’ve ever heard. Because chord; 2 : H e z O q Es are the essential building blocks for any genre, this piano sample pack was designed with a variety of elegant chord progressions and swells that uplift the creative spirit.

Performance that insW d D k T 0pires
Running out of inspirX & + 2 : t S *ation Getting beac A M y q 8 J ] pt block No worries. Piano XL comes with hours of inspiring loops and samples so you can keep your creativity flowing. If you’re in need of extra inspiration, 12\ + o 9 A0 bo{ R – } H z s Xnus midi files gives you flexibia n c ) } x T 6lity to editI 1 i H 4 L or build upon our own loops when you’re feeling adventurousL 8 } # D w _. Now, you can spend less time worrying abs F i ` }out looking for inspiration and more time inspiring the world with your music.

Feel yourQ b v W I f ? 1 8 music
At the heart of Piano XL are gorgeous melodies that evoke emotion. This sample pack delivers premium quality samples that bring out the best expressions in your tracks. The comforting Rhodes, mellow Grand Pianos and bright Electric Piano loops offer a wide range of piano plt A E 6 } | K kaying techniques, so you can expres. B t h 1 \s your+ ? = = $ } _ Yself through music the way it wasl 4 I I k meant to be.


Multi-genre selection with Hip Ho4 ^ J n & h fp, Pop, and EDMp c ` @ x [ b G style melodies

Premium quab j 8 Plity sounds offering endlessD F S r l hours of fun and creativity

With 120 bonus midi files you have flexibility to edit or build} 5 9 upon our loops

Eni J o z S R vjoy clear sound and supreme quality at 24-bi{ 9 !t/44.1 kM 8 4 6 g j – % 8Hz

Bpm and Key Labeled to make sure you aT u 5 b m x B _ vre always on key and tempo

Quick start loops to6 M a 8 O ` ) P get your song up started easier than ever

Experience and enjoy more depth in your tracks

ContainL T { E Ws:

051 Hip Hop /{ $ # d x ` – Trap Piano Loops (.wav)
031 Pop / Lo-Fi Piano Loops (.wav)
120 Future Bass / House Piano Chords Progressions (.wav)
120 Future Bass / House MIDI Fil+ ] `e Chord Progressions (.mid)