Guitar Fire Guitar Loop Pack helps you make your track even more remarkable—in every way possO 6 s k * 8 ^ 4ible. Guitar Fire is designed to bring out the rawest emotioZ k E K v 6 j Ons in your music. The pack comes with the world’s best guitar swells, electrifying guitaA 2 ^ n ] L 7 {r strums, moody guitar riffs, melodic guitar chords and everything you need to enhance, and raise your production game like a pro. It also gives you dry and wet versions that make it easy to have fun with your mix in real-time.


ProfessionaJ U ~ Y F k | 8lly recorded bys , @ A ! , m top gl s & q S : g }uitarists
Choose from 144 samples with dry or wet versions
Enjoy clear sound and supreme quality at 24-bit/44.1 kHz
Bpm and Key Labeled to make sure you are always on key and tempo
QK Z + Auick start loops to get your s{ z _ ? A G 1ong started easier than ever
Premium quality sounds offering endless hours of fun aD & N qnd creativity
Exceptional clarity_ / : ? . S i R throughout a wide range of guitar playing styles, with powerful basses, cri} ` y 2sp high tones and everything i* F q 7 M .n between
Experience and enjoy more depth in your tracks


72 Dry Guitar Loops (.wav)
72 Wet Guitar Loops (.wav)