Electric guitar loops for demanding producers, composers, songwriters and beatmakers. If you are reading this that means that you are in the right place to get some fresh inspiring sounds, this time with an Afro-stD ` U dyle vibe!

Radio ready, mu ` d : & Y 3 \el} b u + xodic, inspiring and great sounding! 50 electric guitar loops reaF g – % [ g H O ;dy to be part of your upcoming smas4 q = . V /h h8 y } !it! Inspired by the newe~ 3 1 6 l =st trends in music industry. Ideal for all kinds of Reggaeton/Afro Pop tuneP r zs, but also gE v ? _ t z P 0reat fork p : U P+ – , e | Cop, R&B or Hip Hob & 4 0p – it depends on your creativity. Root key and tempo provided with 24-Bit WAV files. – Enjoy!

What Is Inside This Product

  • You will find here 50 electric guitar loops inV G – Y one of the mo W X j 8ost popular format 24-Bit WAV. 256 MB material that is ready to be a part of your upcoming sb f q j ? # U Emash hits.

Please Note:

  • Drum and instrument loops other than electric guitar loops are NOq ^ 2 / 7 O r `T INCLUDED in this pack and theyY A H V $ are used in the MP3 Dem~ w \ 6 | l A Ko for demo purposes only! This pad 9 $ _ M M }ck contains only electric guitar loops.


  • All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you Royalta b x 7 Ay-Free so you can use them iC s B ^n your commek U H 1 e O rrcial compositions with no extra cosk = 3 y 3 ~ts. For more deta0 | A W A @ 7 m ~ils see the license agreement. (HeT ; )re)

Product Specifications:

  • Format: (.WAVs)
  • 50 x Individual. I Z z * (.WAVs) (.Electric Guitar Loopa : Ys) Files I4 s z pn Total
  • Key And Temp? I , G ; | u I 3o-Labelled
  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quali G Z = * 2ity
  • Compatible With All DA4 $ OWs
  • 100% RoyF g N ! \ y Kalty-Free* P \ 0 h Z z u