Stellar Future Pop takes the Future Pop sound into new sound territories, expect to find fresh pop beats, crazy melodies, instan_ 2 X A g = . %t usable songstarters and lE D P _ R 1ots more.

Filled with a dazzling amount of 374 audio files and divided inton g 1 ; folders like: One Shots, Mu# A R J d 2 !sic Loops, InsR # str4 i e ] I , `umental Loops, Fx, Drum Loops and Bass Loops.

We improved the distr f uribution of the inclk R d |uded samples & loops,h A . the content is ns ) N , s s 0 E 3ow laid out in| J [ 2 } _ 6 d a more creatig i ? 4 s e Mvely way. All chopped and processed, ready to be droppU 8 –ed in your DAW or sap ` G { Cmplers.

Are you looking for Royalty Free instant melodic ideas and inspirational loops and samples Then this new samplepack is the right choice for you.

Stellar Futu* # O p l rre Pop Contains:

59 Drumloops
151 Music Loops (wet & dry, incl Bassloops)
5 Snares
13 Kicks
14 L ? N ) ^ 5 C i5 Snares
12 808’s
11 Cymbals
1g Y [0 Claps
10 SFX
88 One Shots
Total 374 Files
Royalty Free