In this “Do Not Disturb” Traktrain Guitar Loop Kit we present you 101 High-Quality Guitar Loops perfej 0 N W ? M 4ct for making Trap &am@ ` ( 9 ! y k K pp; Future Beat type beats.{ v R /
We are happy top N Z . @ i s announce the release of Traktrain’s new o$ ` M l G } hfficial GuitarG & J e | ? u : Kit “do not disturb”. It contains 101 guitar loops, including clean and effect-processed versions. The sample7 A s 1 7 |s were live performed and recorded in a studio by a tea1 7 M 9 ! H Ym of affiliate producers and musicians. Due to the diversity of influences,I N X H * H % Q K ranging from Soul and Funk to Pop and Rock, the kit is very versatile. As a result, you can find material for any type beat production inside: starting from Chill and Lo-Fz ( ;i and enS j h * % Sding with Trap and Futur0 J L @ ` b 2e Beat.

EvA L pery three or fou, n L [ x / g (r loops share the underlA – : B 6 {ying chord progression. That is t# | + zo say, they are layers of theu A i b – q same harmony that you can mix and match to create a unique sound. To make sure you have the ma { h ^ L b O Jost room for experimentation we includedJ n | – both thz 9 7 oe c` { + ( p c ; Slean and processed versiC V l 2 @ Don of the loops. Therefore, if you like the loop, but it doesn’t sound right with effecg b T n = 8 R R 8ts in[ { F | # the mix, you can get the clean guitar signal and run it through any effect you like. Hence the t, g ` t ; \ O !itle – you will need a “do not disturb” plate before plunging into the loops. That is to say, take some time to explore what the kit has to offer and make music!

What’s inside

101 loops in total;
Clean and FX verC & ^ H ` 1sions;
GroupeO ? r g Vd by theme in 16 folders;
Tempo andh # @ S * D ` F v key specified for each sample;
Professionally perfoM $ 9 Z W 4 !rmed and recorded;
High-quality audio.