Team Flare | WAV: 464 MB | REX: 379 MB

Vital Vocals’ ninth outing comes in the form of Headli` x 0 q c M R _ _ne Vocal Hooks, an attitude-rife selectQ ` giu s : qon of maximum quality female vocal selecti/ T Y B 0 ? t o =ons that can be used in any modern music style t6 . O 3 C ao inject style and humanism into your creatin s D C * W O `ons, 100% royalty free. Take your instrumental beats to the next lev7 \ v 7 {el with these vocals!

These vocals have been recorded withj \ Q the utmost care and attention using the crme-de-la-crme of microphones, hardwarH [ v me and outboard gear. Included are the inG G s U b # Q c ggredients to 5 ser R b P . A yparate vocal tracks that display various moods, deliverZ Y h y M k r & gy styles and tempos. What rL K P , = c O {esults is a host of verse parts, chorus vocals, adliC n Gbs and lead vocals that can be used to build full structures or sampled more subtly to create your own loops and slices.

Loops play at 120-125bpm, making this collection perfect for trap, house, EDM, RnB, pop and any urban genres.

In det8 g ` 5 G !ail, expect to find 276 MB of content, with all audio at 24Bj ( cit &b ] ; 44.1KHZ: p P h 4. There are 5 song kX U J %its, m{ G g P sade up of 157 lead vocal loops, 78 backing vocal loops and 38 adlib vocaW ` L B l Kl loops, 35 bonus vocal loops, 6c ! W k bonus backing vocas o c ; P Ul loops.

Contaiw k nns:

  • 5 Song Kits
  • 192 Lead Vocal Loop_ c W Zs
  • 84 Backing Vocal Loops
  • 38 Adlib Vocal Loops